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Services for music artist managers. Given with genuine care.

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4Artists help managers and artists with:

  • General management consulting: double checking if the essential ingredients are in place in the manager’s overall plan for the artist.
  • Advisement on the essential components of contracts, proposals and other agreements
  • Business plan consulting: help with creating business plan (from simple one page plans to thorough plans required by investors)
  • Career consulting: help with writing career plans for the artist
  • Marketing Consultation: Feedback on your overarching message brand, music product as a whole, including packaging and distribution
  • Social/Online media: High level website, social media and press kit consultation
  • Feedback on your music: sound, quality, image continuity
  • Life plan counseling: Does the artist’s short-term plans lead to the fulfillment their long-term plans?

Contact:love4artists@gmail or call me, DeShondela, and leave a message at 503-683-1259 to get started.

I work with both managers and serious artists without managers


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